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FQA questions

What is iMagic Permanent Cosmetics?
iMagic Permanent Cosmetics is the process of implant ing color into the upper layers of the skin for long lasting beauty or camouflage
How long does iMagic Permanent Cosmetics last?
Due to the soft natural pigments used, the results of your procedure should last one to two years, at which time you can choose to have it retouched or let it gently fade away
What procedures can be done with iMagic Permanent Cosmetics?
• Microblading
• Ombre brows
• Combination brows
• Shading brows on top of old/red/green brows
• Brows correction
• Lips blush
• Ombrelios
• Top and bottom eyeliner
• Eyelash enhancement
• Beauty mark
Who needs iMagic Permanent Cosmetics?
• Women who want to wake up beautiful and look their best all day
• Women with allergies to conventional cosmetics
• Those with poor hand eye coordination
• Swimmers/Athletes/Women who are too busy to reapply make-up several times a day
• Individuals with facial scars/flaws or asymmetry
• Those who need corrections done from past permanent cosmetic procedures
• Those with scars or bald spots from burns, laser or plastic surgery, etc.
How long does a Permanent Cosmetic procedure take?
The procedure usually involves 2 office visits:
Procedure - This takes about 2 to 2.5 hours.
Follow Up - Recommended 4 to 6 weeks after your initial procedure. This is suggested so that we may see how well the color took on your skin. Usually, only a minor reinforcement is needed to add to the longetivity and beauty of your Permanent Cosmetic procedure.
Willi still be able to wear fashion Cosmetic colors?
iMagic Permanent Cosmetics is designed to give the in earance of natural beauty. Fashion colors can easily
worn in addition to your permanent cosmetics.
How much discomfort will I experience during my Permanent Cosmetic procedure?
iMagic Permanent Cosmetics uses the latest “state of art” topical anesthetics to minimize any discomfort levels that you may experience during your procedure.
How do iknow if Permanent Cosmetic is right for me?
The staff at iMagic Permanent Cosmetics will be happy to answer all to your questions courteously and discretely.